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Automate Logic Apps in 5 minutes (include connectors)

The combination of integration power provided by Azure Logic Apps with ease of development is simply incredible.

But deployment templates generated from portal for Automation of Logic Apps could be improved to require less manual work.

Therefore I created a "starter" example in hope it saves time and helps other folks.

The scenario is simple and is based on Microsoft template "send email to specified accounts when file is added to SharePoint Online site folder". The difference from the template generated by Azure Portal is that deployment template includes required connections, dependencies and parameters which allows using it to multiple deployments (different clients, solutions and propagate between development, test , and production environments). It is also very short and simple - you can get it going in 5 minutes and customize for any other scenarios you need.

Complete ARM template code is provided in gihub Azure-automation/LogicApps/arm-templates/SharePointEmail

To test deploy for example in Azure portal

Open and authorize each connection

Open Logic App Designer. Save and Run the trigger to test.

Upload file to SharePoint Online Site

Watch email to appear in mailbox

Simple and quick as promised.

You can modify actions/triggers/connectors as needed for your scenarios and consistently (re)deploy as many times as required.

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