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Azure Logic App Costs - understand and control

Estimate Your Costs

One of the important costs component of Logic Apps seem simple: the number of connector actions. But the correct cost estimate requires understanding of how Microsoft computes this value.

As an example imagine that you have a simple Logic App that sends email whenever file is loaded into a SharePoint Online folder.

(Description and the deployment code can be found in Automate Logic Apps in 5 minutes.)

In this case the number of action executions that Microsoft uses to calculate costs includes not only the number of files uploaded to SharePoint site but also the number of times SharePoint Online connector checks the site and found no new files to process.

The respective snipped of Log App Definition is shown below:

If you look at Microsoft Consumption Insights API you will see the the daily number of executions that Microsoft uses to calculate costs (this is small test environment so number of uploaded files is very low)

As we can see quantity used to compute the daily cost is almost exactly the number the number of minutes in a day (24*60=1440).

In this example the overall impact is modest (i.e. 0.22$/day which will come to 6.6CAD/month when the complete month costs are accumulated) but for environments with multiple Logic Apps when poll interval is configured for 10 seconds the resulting cost comes to hundreds of dollars and is worth being taken into account.

Control Your Costs

Once we estimated the overall Logic Apps connector cost impact we can mitigate by increasing poll interval where possible, disabling Logic Apps in development/test environments overnight, or considering alternative solutions.

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