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Power BI usage metrics in Azure Log Analytics

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Power BI integration with Azure usage metrics is an existing new capability that allows track Power BI report usage from a central source and leverage this data for security monitoring, billing and other purposes.

Once connected to Power BI, data is sent continuously and is available in Log Analytics in approximately 5 minutes. The following diagram shows how Azure Monitor operates, with the path taken by Power BI highlighted.

There is a set of pre-requisites and limitations (for example your workspace needs to be v2, datasets created on the web by uploading a CSV file do not generate logs. etc.)

Documented by Microsoft in Considerations and limitations

One of our project requirements was to track usage of Power BI reports (security audit and billing are immediate use cases) and centralized storage along with the ability to easily query using Kusto in Log Analytics proved really helpful. Really grateful to David Ma from Microsoft Corp. who informed us of this capability.

Before integrating your workspace you also need to enable this capability in your Power BI tenant. (starting with specific security groups as opposed the whole tenant seems like a good idea.)

Then enable integration in your Power BI workspace

Then the fun part: query the logs in your Log Analytics workspace in Azure

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